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LA to London Private Jet

Private Jet Flight From Los Angeles to London

Peachtree Aviation specializes in private jet charter services in Los Angeles. Our team is standing by and ready to start planning your next jet charter from LA to London. With multiple large cabin options to choose from, we can work with your itinerary and budget to make things work. Give us a call at 877-510-JETS (5387) to get started.

Nonstop options for your trip include the Gulfstream G650, G550, and G-V along with the Bombardier Global Express line. These options comfortably make the LA to London private jet leg nonstop. The Falcon 7x is another great cabin that can complete the trip nonstop.


Want to really go in comfort? Charter a Boeing Business jet, the BBJ, for your private jet charter from Los Angeles to London. The BBJ seats 16 or more passengers in complete comfort. With a master bedroom, multiple seating areas including conference groups, large screen TV’s and dining areas, the BBJ is a great option for your charter flight from LA to London.

If you’re willing to make a fuel stop there are some more economical options. The Gulfstream G450, G-IV, Falcon 900, and Challenger 605 are great options that can typically complete your private flight from Los Angeles to London with just one quick fuel stop.

Los Angeles Area Airports

You have many options for your private jet charter from LA to London:

  • Van Nuys Airport
  • Burbank Airport
  • Los Angeles International
  • John Wayne-Orange County Airport
  • Santa Monica Airport

Each airport has it’s pros and cons so be sure to talk with a member of our team to discuss your best option.


Private Jet From LA to London – Aircraft In Depth

The Gulfstream G650 is the latest and greatest option from Gulfstream Aerospace. The wide cabin jet, known for the large, round windows, will fly you in comfort to London. The cabin maintains a lower cabin altitude than many competitors, allowing you to arrive much more refreshed and energized. Gourmet catering is available and when ready for rest, the plane can sleep 6 or more passengers in complete comfort. Additionally, this is the fastest jet in it’s class. When time is your most precious resource, shaving 30+ minutes on this trip can make a huge difference. Contact us today for a G650 charter flight from LA to London.