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If you’re thinking about making your next flight a private charter flight with Peachtree Aviation, you might have a few questions you need answered. While questions of price, amenities and other issues can be easy to track down, there are a few considerations that might slip past you—here are three for things you should know to make sure you’re as ready as possible for a satisfying flight.

Three Things to Know About Flying Private

Luggage – Luggage works differently when you’re taking advantage of a private air charter. Typically, your baggage limit will be ‘whatever the plane can carry’, but you’ll want to work out the logistics of it with the flight planner. Weight considerations can be extremely important, especially on smaller planes, so you need to be sure everyone is on the same page.

Pets – For domestic flights, traveling with pets on a private charter is simple. Again, you’ll want to fill the flight planner in on the extra guest well in advance, so any necessary arrangements on the flight’s end or yours can be managed. If you’re traveling internationally, you’ll need to fill yourself in on the laws of the country you’ll be landing in; many nations have very strict regulations for bringing live animals into the country, so make sure you know what’s expected from you when you land.

Safety – Many first time private charter flyers worry about safety, but rest assured. Private aircraft must meet all the same standards of maintenance and safety as commercial aircraft—which makes sense, since private or commercial, all craft fly over and near other people! Add in the fact that in many cases you can expect a greater degree of familiarity with a particular plane from a private charter pilot and crew, and you can be as certain of a safe trip as you would be with any major commercial line.

Have more questions? If you have any more questions you need answered before you charter a jet in Atlanta, don’t hesitate to contact us at Peachtree Aviation. We’ll be glad to answer your questions, as it’s better for everyone if everyone is informed and comfortable heading into the flight. Ready to book your first flight? Check out our list of locations and start planning your next vacation or business trip!

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