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Private Jet Purchase

Finding and acquiring the ideal aircraft for your organization can be a daunting task. Peachtree Aviation will take the time to examine your unique travel needs, budgetary requirements, and personal preferences to identify the best available aircraft for your operation. We will also help to evaluate the possible benefit of charter or fractional ownership as supplemental lift to maximize your benefit from private aviation while not sacrificing safety or comfort.

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Our standard aircraft acquisition plan includes:

  • Determine the right aircraft based on your unique travel needs
  • Establish an acquisition strategy including market value research, pre-purchase inspection, and delivery arrangements
  • Aircraft records research and review
  • Determine total acquisition costs as well as developing an annual budget based on planned usage
  • Assist with obtaining financing if necessary
  • Hire necessary personnel – flight crew, maintenance technicians, etc.

We’ll save you time and money.

This can be a lengthy process if you don’t have a defined plan of action. We work with you to first identify the need. Do you need a long range, internationally capable jet or will you be hoping around regionally? Passenger count? Preferences for new or used? These are just a few of the questions we’ll ask to get things started. We take this information to direct you to an aircraft category. From there, we help with the economics side of the acquisition. We compare operating costs and other factors impacting the overall operating budget for each aircraft. We’ll then present two or three types that match up with your needs and preferences. We suggest demonstration flights on each type to see which you prefer and will assist in setting that up. Once you’ve made the decision, we’ll identify the best available aircraft on the market and guide you through the negotiations process. If going with a new aircraft, we’ll negotiate with the factory to assure you are completely covered and leave nothing on the table. Aircraft acquisitions are complicated events but we’ll make it as smooth and easy a process as possible.

Starting with the initial conversation, aircraft identification, Offer Letter, Purchase Agreement, pre-purchase inspection and closing, Peachtree Aviation will skillfully manage your Aircraft Acquisition.