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Private Jet Charter Prices

Jet Charter Prices. Simple – Pay as you go charter.

  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Membership Charges
  • No Fuel Surcharges
  • Complete and Upfront Pricing

Peachtree Aviation provides simple and straight-forward private jet charter prices. When you receive a quote from Peachtree Aviation, you pay the quoted amount and nothing more. The only other possible charges are catering and ground transportation, which we will gladly arrange for you.


The Best in Private Jet Charter Prices

Already have a quote? Give Peachtree Aviation the opportunity to beat it. In the unlikely event that someone provides a lower private jet charter price, simply send us the quote and we’ll make every attempt to beat it.


One-Way Pricing

Every day there are hundreds of one-way charter opportunities available. Peachtree Aviation has access
to these aircraft as well as floating one-way aircraft giving us the opportunity the provide the very best
in one-way jet charter prices.


Coast-To-Coast Charters on Super Midsize Jets from $19,900

Fly from Los Angeles to New York for $19,900 and New York to Los Angeles for $22,800.

Van Nuys-Teterboro – $19,900
Teterboro-Van Nuys – $22,800
*Other airports may be available

Super Midsize Jet | 8-10 Seats
Citation X, Citation Sovereign,
Challenger 300,  Falcon 2000,
Falcon 50, Gulfstream 200, Hawker 1000

Prices are subject to aircraft availability. Prices are all inclusive plus tax. If de-icing, catering, or ground transportation are required those would be billed separately.

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“You only pay for the occupied flight hours.”

This is how the large fractional and jet card programs sell their programs. They claim that you don’t pay for the repositioning costs. While you don’t pay for them directly, you certainly pay for them.

Our system is very similar to what the large jet card and fractional providers use. The difference is that that they double or even triple the occupied aircraft cost to make up for the repositioning costs that they incur. For typical business trips that end up at the same airport as it originates, jet cards are very inefficient. Jet charter prices from Peachtree Aviation will prove to be more economical.


On it’s website, Marquis Jet lists a cost of $115,900 for 25 hours on a Hawker 400XP. This amount represents the base price for 25 occupied hours, before applicable taxes, fees and charges are assessed. For the sake of this argument, we’ll leave out all the taxes and fees that you are certain to incur. This results in an occupied rate of $4,636 per hour charged by Marquis.

We recently completed a trip for a client departing Morristown, NJ for a meeting in Nashville, TN on a Lear 31, an aircraft comparable to the Hawker 400XP. They returned the same day after completing the meeting. Total occupied time on the aircraft was four hours. Our cost to the client, including all taxes and fees, was $9,402. If they had used Marquis Jet, the trip would have cost them $18,544(before taxes and fees), nearly double what they paid us!


All-Inclusive Pricing

Jet Charter Prices from Peachtree Aviation are firm prices. No fuel surcharge, no miscellaneous costs, no random fees. The price you see is the price you pay. Catering, de-ice charges, additional flight time due to weather or ATC, and internet charges are possible items that may be billed after the flight since they are impossible to forecast.

Using Peachtree Aviation to arrange your private jet charter, you have the flexibility of using the most efficient aircraft for the mission, every time. Working with a nationwide network of air charter providers, we will make sure that whatever travel needs you may have are met. Our negotiated rates with operators allow us to consistently provide you with the best private jet charter rates around. Jet Charter prices available through Peachtree Aviation offer more flexibility than a jet card or other membership program by allowing you to select the best airplane for each individual trip. We will tailor a solution to offer the most comfort along with delivering superior value when compared with other services.