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A plane is a rare piece of equipment, and selling it quickly can be a time-consuming and seemingly impossible task. To ensure a quick sell, have all the necessary documents in order, including: aircraft registration certificates, airworthiness certificate, engine and logbooks, aircraft equipment list, and the aircraft flight handbook. Have a marketing budget ready and use these simple tricks to sell your plane quickly.

Tips for Selling Your Private Jet

1. Timing is everything.
The importance of knowing the right time to sell cannot be over-emphasized. Consider selling in spring followed by summer, as these are great times for private jet sales in Atlanta because of the expected increase in people looking to do some recreational flying. You will have more prospects during these seasons, making selling your plane easier. A ready market also means that you might also successfully sell your price at your asking price.

2. Establish the right asking price.
You want a quick transaction and price is a major consideration for buyers. You have to price your plane just right, not too high that you put off potential buyers and not too low that you make a loss. Market is king when it comes to private jet sales in Atlanta, so make sure you research your plane’s model and compare current market prices. Consider other factors such as avionics, engine time, total time and damage history.

3. Start local.
If doing it yourself, get the word out to your local airports; limit yourself to a radius of about 100-150 miles when choosing airports. Ask the airport management to put up information about your plane on their bulletin board. It is much easier to sell to other locals who can come by for a visual check within a day than somebody who is 2,000 miles away. Potential buyers near your location are better prospects because of convenience and the sense of familiarity from the fact that you reside in the same location.

4. Spread the word.
Reach out to potential buyers using different channels of communication available. Get a website up and put up your contact information and interior and exterior photos of the plane. Remember, the more photos, the better. You can also upload relevant documentation that prospective buyers would ask to see.

Need Help Selling a Private Jet in Atlanta or anywhere else?

Reach out to us at Peachtree Aviation Service for professional assistance on selling your plane. We have been in the business of private jet sales in Atlanta long enough to help you navigate the complex process of selling your plane. We offer personalized service for all our clients, and you can rest assured of a smooth selling process. For more information on our services, call us today.