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Spring is almost here. The flurries have passed and the cool breeze approaches, leaving all of us yearning to open the windows, step outside of the door and feel the sun-rays warm our skin. As the world is springing forth fresh blossoms, it’s time to plan a trip to explore something new. What better way to venture into the world that in a luxurious private jet in Atlanta? Here are 5 quick get-a-ways we know you won’t be able to pass up in order to welcome spring 2015.

1. WaterColor – Sometimes all you have is the weekend, but you can’t seem to silence the gentle whisper that the beach is calling. Rather than wasting time and energy driving back and forth, optimize your time by hopping on one of our charter flights in Atlanta and getting there before you know it. The luxurious beaches and decadent food will surely scratch the itch until you have more time to venture further.

2. New York — The blizzard of 2015 has dissipated and you are craving the city that never sleeps. Broadway Street is thriving and the Cherry Blossom trees are in full bloom serving as a wonderful excuse to visit. The only obstacles standing in your way is the chaos that’s ensured when traveling between the No. 1 busiest airport in the country, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, and the No. 6 busiest airport in the country, JFK. What better way to bypass the struggle all together than booking your trip on a private jet out of Atlanta and landing in a private airport in New York?

3. Vail – Perfect for a romantic get-a-way, Vail in the spring offers skiing with the sunshine and opportunities to sit on the porch without being uncomfortably cold. Chartering a jet from Atlanta would offer you the privacy and luxury that fuels the romance and allows you to fully focus on your loved ones.

4. Bahamas – We all know what is enticing about the Bahamas. Visiting an island in general spikes the heart race of any traveler and the Bahamas do not disappoint. Offering gorgeous beaches and thrilling entertainment for the entire family, the Bahamas make a quick get-a-way a must.

5. The Masters — Do we have any passionate golf fans reading? The Masters are just around the corner and with a sizeable amount of visitors planning on attending it will be difficult to get the flight you want at the time you want. The flexibility and security of chartering a flight out of Atlanta with Peachtree Aviation is incomparable.

These are only five of the most desirable trips to take heading into spring with dozens more that are available. Call one of our travel experts today to start piecing together your first step out of the door to feel that lovely spring breeze.

Image Source: Wikipedia Commons