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When it comes to planning business travel, you have several choices. You can rely on a travel agency to make arrangements, or you can handle them in-house. You also have a choice between traveling by car, bus, train or airplane. One of the fastest ways to get employees where they need to go is via air. However, should you choose regular commercial air or a chartered flight? In the case of a single employee taking a trip, commercial air may be best. If you need to send a team of employees, a chartered flight is the way to go for several reasons.

Why Chartering a Flight is Great for Business Travel


Regular commercial flights have small seats, limited overhead storage for bags, purses and briefcases and you never know who you will be seated with: a parent with a crying baby, an ill passenger with a cough or cold or that person that just wants to talk your ear off the entire flight. With Atlanta chartered flight services, you are flying with people you know and have relationship with.


Again, on a regular commercial flight, there are many distractions that can keep you from getting work done. Chartered flights offer quiet time so you can check emails, make phone calls or work on that big presentation. Plus, most chartered flights cater to the business professional, so there is on-board wifi and other business equipment available. In addition, your team members are on the flight with you, so you can get together and work as you fly to your destination.


On a regular commercial flight, you have no idea who you are flying with. As a result, the lack of privacy may keep you from making important calls. Your seatmate may also check out your computer or tablet screen to see what you are working on. This can be a breach of confidential information or another deterrent to getting work done on the flight.


If you are just sending one or two team members on a trip, a regular commercial flight may be the cheapest and best bet. If you are sending a whole team, however, a chartered flight will likely be the most cost-effective method of transportation.


When you fly on regular commercial flights, you are at the mercy of the airlines and their schedules. Plus, you may experience long layovers or delays while waiting on a connecting flights. Chartered flights are scheduled around your timetable, with no layovers or other delaying issues.

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