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Choosing between flying first-class on a commercial airline and flying in a private jet is a value proposition. To help decide what is best for a specific trip, consider the following:

Number of Travelers

A greater number of people traveling together reduces the cost per seat on a private jet. Private jets typically accommodate 6, 8, or 12 passengers depending on the size of the plane.

Nearest Airports

There are about five hundred commercial airports in the United States served by commercial airlines. About five thousand smaller airports are available to private jets. When taking a private jet charter out of Atlanta, if there is a need to get to a particular remote area, a smaller airport may be much closer to the final destination than the nearest commercial airport.

Value of Time

For the traveler taking commercial airline flights, a lot of time is wasted. This includes time getting to the airport, waiting in the lines to go through the security screening, and waiting for the commercial plane to leave. This wasted time and frustration increases with unexpected flight delays.

With a private jet charter in Atlanta, the plane is ready to depart only few minutes after the passengers are in the plane and ready to go. There are no security inspections. It is easy take along lots of luggage and even cherished pets.

Security of Valuable Belongings

If you’re traveling with an item that you cannot carry on to a normal flight, you may prefer to fly private so you don’t have to risk checking something that is worth a lot of money, or is a very sentimental personal item.

Convenient to Plan

Flight plans for private jets are changeable at any moment. Even the destination is changeable while en route if desired.

Value of Privacy

Privacy is compromised even in first-class seats on commercial air flights. Truly private conversations are possible on private jets, but not on commercial airlines.

Value of Rest

Some people have extremely busy lives that leave little time for rest. Undisturbed rest is easier on a private jet, especially for longer trips.

Value of Luxury

Some simply enjoy the luxury of flying in private jets. There is no way to put a monetary value on this, except to say simply that they deserve to fly in style.

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Whatever your reason for opting to fly private instead of flying first class, we’re ready to get you to your destination in style. Contact us today at Peachtree Aviation to charter a private jet for your next trip and enjoy all of the benefits that flying private has to offer.