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Cities and nations worldwide are learning how much an airport can express about them–and many will spare no expense to provide enjoyable, elegant experiences. Many large commercial airports around the world are evolving into truly impressive “destinations” in themselves. Although you don’t need to spend much time at the airport when you’re accustomed to traveling via private jet charter, you might actually want to look around a bit in these interesting airports.

Airports Aiming to Impress: Our Top 5 Most Interesting Airports

Combining unique architecture and art with deluxe amenities, advanced technology and bespoke retailers, these airports are dedicating themselves to “wowing” travelers..

  • Spain’s Barajas Airport in Madrid – Although it’s one of the largest airports in the world, the design is purpose-built for a calm air travel experience. To soothe rattled air travelers’ nerves, the huge space (about 750,000 sq. ft.) is divided by glass walls, letting in natural light through transparent roof domes.
  • Finland’s Helsinki Airport – If you’re an art lover, you will love this airport with its ever-changing exhibits to make each visit unique. In Helsinki, they take saving travelers time very seriously, with tracking tech to help you avoid pedestrian traffic jams when taking your art walk (or running for a commercial flight) through the airport. Tired travelers can rent a sleeping pod (a recliner inside a hard shell) by the hour.
  • Singapore’s Changi Airport – A true shopper’s heaven, the airport hosts 350 retail establishments and service outlets. Another 200 will soon be opened, located on 5 stories within a new space-age, clear bubble of a building called the Jewel in the center of the airport complex. The airport currently houses a movie theater with free admission, a huge kid’s tube slide that snakes its way around the airport and a lovely butterfly garden/nature walk. Free city tours are on offer for passengers with a 5-hour+ layover, which you will avoid with an experienced Atlanta air charter company.
  • South Korea’s Incheon Airport in Seoul – The ACI (Airports Council International) routinely rates this airport #1 in service quality worldwide. The location features a casino where you can try your luck, a golf course (330-yard driving range, 18-hole putting course) and even an ice skating rink. To bring in a natural element, there are seven small gardens at the passenger terminals throughout the airport. The airport also houses the Korean Culture Museum and an artisan area demonstrating local crafts.
  • Qatar’s Hamad International Airport in Doha – This airport is determined to hold your interest and impress visitors to the country. After spending billions on the recently opened (April 2014) airport, the Qataris have achieved over-the-top results for the airport/luxury destination, including:
    • Suspended swimming pool: this 75 ft. pool hovers above a flight concourse.
    • Luxury hotel, caviar bars and a coffee shop with gold-plated counter.
    • Shopping: Harrods, plus designer boutiques and the Au Gold Boutique.
    • Art: a large and impressive bronze sculpture by Urs Fischer towers over hurrying travelers. Far from being ominous, it’s a yellow teddy bear slumped under a lamp (purchased for nearly $7 million according to WSJ) which once graced the front of NYC’s Seagram Building.
    • Children’s play room with a full size facsimile of a Formula One race car.

Even though chartering a private jet in Atlanta gives you the flexibility to build your travel around you, you might find cause to linger in these awe-inspiring international airports.

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Image courtesy of: Guilhem Vellut / Creative Commons