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Cessna has become a revered name in the aviation industry for good reason; they’ve been perfecting their aircraft for almost 90 years, and they have remained one of the true innovators in producing exceptional private airplanes. While this American icon may be known mostly by the general public for their piston-powered planes, Cessna also specializes in manufacturing a number of high-quality business jets. The following five Cessna models are all available to charter from Peachtree Aviation for your next luxury jet experience.

Cessna Citation X

The roomy Citation X whisks you away to your destination at a blistering cruising speed of 590 mph, and is capable of reaching a peak speed of mach 0.92. It also features the longest range of any Cessna business jet, and with its luxuriously-generous seating and baggage capacity, this plane offers a great ride. The Citation X is the ultimate option for when you and your colleagues can’t waste a single moment on unnecessary travel time, and it stands as the pinnacle of the company’s fleet.

Cessna Citation Ultra

You can think of the Citation Ultra as the slightly younger brother of the Citation X; most of the family traits are still present, just in a marginally smaller package. The powerful Citation Ultra was an update to the longstanding Citation V design, and it also introduced updated digital flight instruments into the cockpit.

Cessna Citation Mustang

On the other end of the spectrum, the Citation Mustang seats four passengers, but it doesn’t sacrifice comfort for size. The club seating configuration means that passengers will still have ample space despite the more modest size of the interior. The Citation Mustang is equipped with two powerful Pratt & Whitney engines, featuring innovative full-authority digital engine controls. This means that this diminutive dynamo can cruise at a comfortable 391 mph.

Cessna Caravan

Sometimes, a jet just isn’t the right option for your travel. Peachtree Aviation offers the Caravan single-engine turboprop, which gives you many of the amenities of a private jet, but for a greater value. Cessna has engineered the Caravan to include more robust speed and range capabilities than a standard single-engine turboprop. With a passenger capacity of up to eight, this reliable aircraft is one of the true workhorses of the fleet.

Cessna CJ2

One of the hallmarks of the CJ2 is its plentiful baggage capacity relative to its size. At an interior length of only 17 feet, the CJ2 has more space for cargo than its much larger cousin, the Citation X. Unveiled in the mid-2000’s, the CJ2 flight deck is also home to full-authority digital engine controls, making this model another in the long line of groundbreaking Cessna aircraft which you can charter courtesy of Peachtree Aviation.

Travel in Style With Peachtree Aviation

Want to try out these beautiful planes for yourself? Why not charter a private jet for business or pleasure with us at Peachtree Aviation? Whether you need to travel for business or you’d like to plan the best bachelor or bachelorette party ever, our fleet of Cesna planes are ready to whisk you away to the destination of your choice. Contact us today for information on rates and getting started.

Image courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons