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Gulfstream jets in Atlanta are a great way to get around and see the city. There is so much happening here that it’s just not practical to only come for a day, so travel in luxury on a weekend getaway on one of Peachtree Aviation’s private jets.

Gulfstream Jets Chartered by Peachtree Aviation

At Peachtree Aviation, we charter flights using several Gulfstream jets. Check out the options below to find one that’s the perfect size and has the right amenities for you and your travel companions.

Gulfstream 150

This midsize-jet seats between 7 and 9 passengers, and has a cruising speed of 541 mph. It can travel up to 3,500 miles on a single tank, and is 24.5 feet long, 7.1 feet wide and 6.3 feet in height. With 150 cubic feet of luggage space, this aircraft is large enough to fit your smaller party and their things for a weekend quick trip. Talk about easy traveling!

Gulfstream 200

The Gulfstream 200 is technically classified as a super-midsize jet, however, it has the same specs as the 150 in terms of length, height, speed, etc. The configuration of the seats does allow a bit more separation and room for the passengers onboard (seats between 8 and 9 comfortably) as well as a bit of an upgraded interior.

Gulfstream V/500

This heavy jet will seat between 12 and 15 passengers, which makes it perfect for large groups traveling together or businesses heading out to conferences or meetings. You get more of everything with this jet for your longer trips. Featuring a range of 7,165 miles, a length of 50.1 feet, a cruising speed of 560 mph and 226 cubic feet for baggage space, you can appreciate the extra everything as you fly the private skies. Height and width are standard at 7.3 feet and 6.2 feet respectively. This jet has plenty of room for friends of friends, including your friend who is notorious for over-packing.

Gulfstream IV/450

This is also a heavy jet, but it doesn’t quite offer the same features as the V/500. This option is best for faster trips, both in distance and length of stay. It also seats between 12 and 15 passengers, with a height of 6.2 and a width of 7.3. However, its cruising speed (548 mph), range (4,466 miles) and baggage capacity (169 cubic feet) are lower.

Whichever Gulfstream jet is best for you, Peachtree Aviation is there to get you started on your flight. Our efficient staff provides a smart travel method for corporate and private flights. Chartering with us is often the least expensive manner of private travel, and we make the booking process completely painless for a great experience. Contact us today to start the process of chartering a private jet! You’ll never want to fly the normal way again.

Image courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons / Lasse Fuss