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For many, traveling by private jet is the height of luxury. But for busy top-level executives whose time is money, flying via private jet charter can be the most practical and cost-effective option. Private flight is also advantageous for big parties traveling together, whether they are bound by professional or personal ties.

When You Want to Save Time and Money

Business travelers typically allocate two days for travel time when they have to attend business meetings in distant locations. They need one day to fly out and another for the return trip. They are at the mercy of the schedules set forth and followed by commercial airlines. This does not even include the extra hour they need to clear security at the airport and the two hours before departure that they are required to check in prior to their flight. Flying private jet charter saves busy executives a lot of time. For high-powered professionals, any time saved is money saved as well.

When You Need to Be More Productive

When every minute counts in terms of arriving at your destination ready and fully versed for a meeting, private air charter gives business travelers the extra hours they need on board to work in absolute quiet and privacy. When traveling with your team to a crucial meeting or major presentation, you can use your time in the air to finalize details and strategize constructively without interference from other passengers. On the trip back, you can debrief one another and arrive at your point of origin ready to get back to work right away.

When You Are Traveling as a Group

Attending a destination wedding or a family reunion? Consider chartering a private jet instead of trying to coordinate everyone’s busy schedules with the available seats on commercial airlines. The more relatives and guests who travel together, the cheaper private jet charter costs are per head, so it might end up being cheaper than flying with a commercial airline. It will definitely be more comfortable and will get everyone in a festive mood before they even reach the destination.

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