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Purchasing a business jet is a big decision and your next major decision will have to be whether you choose to have your own flight management department or if you will outsource your aircraft management to our Atlanta air charter and aircraft management experts.

The Costs

Hiring an aircraft management team for your corporate aircraft fleet can offer you a bevy of financial savings (e.g., fleet discounts) and qualitative benefits, including established best practices and additional oversight for your fleet.

Additional fees may apply for using an aircraft management service for your private jet charter in Atlanta, but we have found that these are typically nominal and do not decrease the overall benefits of outsourcing.

Desired Control

FAA regulations dictate that the operational control for a part 91 aircraft is controlled by the owner. You make the decisions regarding scheduling, pilots and so forth, but if you outsource your aircraft management, you may have to relinquish much of this control to the company managing your charter jet in Atlanta.

You may also have to reconcile your standards for crew duty limits or eligible airports with your management company’s existing policies. If you want to be very hands-on with your fleet, you may do better with an in-house flight management department.

Your Customization Needs

Aircraft management companies have a pre-established set of standard policies and procedures they will typically adhere to. For most owners, these best practices are a welcome structure, but for owners with highly customized needs, these practices can present an insurmountable block. It can be difficult for management companies to change or bend their policies to fit highly custom situations and needs, but in-house flight crews can easily be designed around these needs.

Although we recommend outsourcing your aircraft management needs, this is not always what business owners want. Having an in-house flight department does have its distinct advantages, especially once your fleet has multiple aircraft. You will have to make the decision that will benefit your company the most.