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Few activities can get a person’s adrenaline pumping like watching a Formula One racing series live. These cars push the limits of speed and performance to the max. They have so much torque that they are illegal for street driving.

Standing gate-side to world-famous drivers like Michael Schumacher, Alain Prost, Juan Manuel Fangio and William Grover-Williams truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and one that can be a reality by attending the Monaco Grand Prix. Be sure to reserve an Atlanta charter flight with Peachtree for the 2015 event!

French F1 Racing at Its Finest

The Monaco Grand Prix is an international Formula One race held every year at the the Circuit de Monaco, located next to Port Hercule in France. It is the industry’s premier racing event, comparable to the Indianapolis 500 in terms of popularity. To win at Monaco is a prestigious honor deserving of high praise.

That being said, such a feat rarely comes easy. Not only are the world’s top racers pitted head to head, the extremely dangerous track, with its tight corners and frequent elevation shifts, requires each individual to bring their A-game. Though Monaco is far from the fastest track (the top speeds reached are actually quite low in comparison), the terrain is very demanding, and this is the only course exception to the FIA’s 190-mile minimum distance rule.

Although the Monaco Grand Prix is slow in terms of racing speed, one wrong move in the Principality is all it takes to cause a fatal crash. The 2014 series was won by German racer Nico Rosberg for a consecutive win at the track. Mark Webber, Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso are the course’s previous gold trophy winners. The stakes for the 2015 Monaco are high indeed. Although the event is scheduled to run from May 21-24, racers are already preparing themselves for the upcoming challenge.

Fans of Monaco know it is not wise to wait until spring to buy a ticket as the grandstands begin filling up early in the year. Airfare costs for international visitors also tend to increase around this time, especially for commercial flights. Peachtree Aviation is offering direct Atlanta charter flights to the Monaco Grand Prix. Our private jets in Atlanta will fly you straight to the event at a much lower cost and with greater comfort than any of the major airliners can provide. We think it’s only fair for you to relax in a cozy atmosphere en route since the three days of the race will be filled with pure excitement!