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Everyone knows what it’s like to fly on a commercial aircraft; however, few know how luxurious and different the experience is when you choose to fly on a privately owned plane. Once you fly on a private plane, you’ll realize what a wonderful decision it is to fly privately whenever you can.

None of the Hoops to Jump Through

When you choose to fly commercial, you sign yourself up for a long list of unpleasantries, especially when it comes to security. Private airports have little of the security theatre that commercial airports do. Instead, you meet a guard at the gate to the private airport, give them your name and identification, and get checked off of a list. Once your plane is ready, you are able to board without the humiliation of intense security checks and waiting in line.


Free Parking

Most private airports offer free and secure parking that is close to the airport itself. You don’t have to worry about hanging on to a parking ticket or the outlandish costs of hourly or long-term airport parking. You also don’t have to worry about finding a shuttle bus to get you to and from your car.


Friendly, Accessible Pilots

With a privately owned plane, the pilot will often greet you at the door, make small talk with you, and respond to any questions or concerns you have. The pilot will go out of their way to ensure that your experience is a positive one.


Great Interiors

Privately owned planes are designed to actually be comfortable and enjoyable for their passengers. This is a vast difference from commercial airlines, who genuinely think that leg room is an “upgrade.” Your experience may vary from plane to plane, but generally speaking, you will enjoy access to provided snacks, your choice of entertainment, and  comfortable seating with plenty of space to lay your chair back.


Private flights are worlds away from commercial airliners in their levels of service and personal comfort. Learn more and start booking your private jet in Atlanta today.