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Owning a private jet is a privilege that only a select few experience. As a premium Atlanta air charter company, we have an exclusive list of clientele for whom jet ownership is both a perk and a necessity. If you want to know whether you’re ready to become the owner of a private jet in Atlanta, continue reading below. Your professional and personal life may benefit greatly from private plane ownership.

Unique Destinations

Even in this age of commercial jet travel, there are still some far-flung destinations that can take you 24 to 48 hours to reach. This could be because flights to these locations are infrequent due to lack of traffic. Cobbling together commercial flights can be tedious and typically requires extended periods of layover in out-of-the-way airports.

If you regularly travel to distant places that are off the beaten path of most commercial airlines for work, having your own jet to fly you to these destinations will definitely benefit your business. You save time and money every time you journey to these out-of-the-way places by taking the most direct route via your own private plane.

Security Concerns

The world has definitely become a far more dangerous place within the last decade. Many top-level executives and big-industry movers have legitimate reasons to be concerned about their safety – as well as that of their business associates and family. Flying in your own private plane allows you to only travel with companions of your choosing, thus ensuring your safety and well-being.

High-Level Service

Crowded commercial flights do not only mean uncomfortable seats and mediocre food; they also mean a harassed and overworked flight staff that can at times be curt and even unresponsive to passenger needs. Traveling the friendly skies on your own plane means just that – a friendly and accommodating staff trained to deliver impeccable service. From the moment you get on the plane to the moment you land at your destination, you will experience first-class, professional service delivered with a smile.

We make plane ownership and air charter in Atlanta an easy and convenient experience. Contact us for answers and information regarding aircraft management, jet plane purchase and medical or air freight transport. Charter a jet in Atlanta for your next national or international destination and see the difference that private air charter makes. Here at Peachtree Aviation, we offer flying solutions that put our clients in control of their flight experience while saving them precious time and money in the long run.

Image Courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons