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Commercial air travel has gotten increasingly stressful, time-consuming, expensive and unpleasant in recent years.

With long TSA lines, checked bag charges, limited leg room and fewer in-flight amenities, a plane trip is no longer something to be enjoyed, but something to be endured.

If you want to experience a little extra comfort and luxury on your flight by buying business-class or first-class tickets, be prepared to spend more than one thousand dollars per person.

These reasons and more are why many travelers are choosing to charter private jets in Atlanta and across the country for business trips, family vacations and group getaways.

Companies that understand that time is money have learned that chartering a private jet can be cost-effective.

At Peachtree Aviation, we know that a lot of misconceptions about private air travel keep people from considering it. Let us show you why chartering a private jet can be a smart decision.

1. Private jets are not just for the wealthy and famous.
Sure, celebrities often fly in private jets. However, more than half of private jet travelers are business people. That’s because it’s simply more efficient. You do not have to waste time and energy.

You can easily work throughout the flight without distractions from other passengers. The routes flown by smaller aircraft are usually more direct than larger ones, so passengers get to their destinations quicker. Perhaps best of all, travelers arrive at their destination ready to do business rather than tired, hungry and stressed-out.

2. It does not have to be complicated to charter a private jet.
It can actually be easier than booking a commercial flight. Peachtree Aviation offers an online flight planner that lets you choose your date, destination and even the type of plane in which you’ll fly. Our hourly rates are listed along with the seating capacity, so you can choose the most cost-effective private jet charter.

3. You don’t have to go through long security lines.
One of the time-saving advantages of private air travel is that passengers usually don’t have to go through the TSA lines in the main terminal. Most airports have fixed base operator (FBO) terminals just for people flying on private jets from Atlanta and other cities. While the same security measures apply, the lines are much shorter.

Further, by flying in a private plane, you have access to smaller airports such as Teterboro, near New York City or Van Nuys, near Los Angeles. You avoid the hassles of a major airport. If you charter a private jet in Atlanta, you can fly out of any of a number of smaller airports in the area, so you don’t have deal with the congestion of Hartfield-Jackson, one of the busiest airports in the world.

4. You don’t have to hire a pilot separately.
When you charter your flight through Peachtree Aviation, we have contracted pilots whose references and training have been thoroughly verified

5. Chartering can be more cost-efficient than buying a plane.
For most people and businesses, it’s more cost-effective to charter a plane than it is to buy one. You have to pay upfront as well as recurring costs and maintenance if you own the plane. Chartering is fast and hassle-free.

Further, no one size and type of plane works perfectly for each trip. Chartering allows you the flexibility of selecting the best one based on the number of passengers and length of trip.

Image Courtesy of: Creative Commons