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Travelers around the globe are curious about traveling via private plane.

As we adjust to the warmer weather and individuals consider taking private get-a-ways or switching up a business meeting with a client, the professionals at Peachtree Aviation would like to continue to debunk the misconceptions of chartering a jet. 

1. You don’t have to share the plane with other private flyers. When you charter a flight with Peachtree Aviation, you and your party will be the only passengers, whether you use all the available seats or just one.

2. Private jets can be as safe as commercial aircraft. Despite the stories we’ve all heard of famous people being killed in small plane crashes, in reality, private aircraft operators are strictly regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration. Because smaller planes have more flexibility than larger aircraft, they can more easily avoid bad weather. The safety of our passengers is the paramount concern of Peachtree Aviation and the pilots who fly for us.

3. Private jets can be cost-effective for personal use. Sure, chartering a private plane may not be worth the cost for every family vacation. However, if you’re vacationing with other couples or another family, or you and a group of friends want to plan a special getaway, you can split the cost so that it’s within everyone’s budget. Even if you’re just getting away on a family trip, why not do it in comfort? With a private jet charter, your family pets can easily come along!

4. You can choose the size plane that meets your needs each time you fly. At Peachtree Aviation, we have a wide range of jets and turboprops that seat anywhere from four to 40 passengers.

5. Chartered jets are not just for short flights.The world’s the limit. Whether you’re taking a quick business trip between Atlanta and Raleigh or planning a special Valentine’s Day in Paris, you can fly there in comfort and style. Just tell us your destination and we’ll match you up with the right aircraft.

So think again about chartering a jet before your next business trip or vacation. Peachtree Aviation provides complete, upfront pricing, with no hidden fees, so you won’t have any surprises. Check out our online flight planner or give us a call to see how we can help make your next trip one to remember.

Image Courtesy of: Creative Commons