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Peachtree Aviation is more than just a place where you can take a chartered jet to somewhere in the country. We also offer medical transport including Atlanta air ambulance and Atlanta organ transport. Time is usually of the essence when it comes to transporting organs or an individual to the hospital. That is where Peachtree Aviation comes into play; we move fast so you can rest assured the job is getting done. Life is very important, which is why we offer these services and ensure that we do the job to the best of our ability. The lives of people in the city rely on it and we take it very seriously.

Atlanta Organ Transport

For Atlanta organ transport, we will quickly return a bid so that the work can get started. We know that once an organ becomes available, you generally need to move very quickly to get it to the patient in time. Organs do not survive long on ice and you need to get it there fast once it is available. We move quickly so you can meet your deadlines.

The process starts with the bid. Next we ensure we get the organ(s) and safely but quickly deliver them if our bid is chosen. We want to be the aircraft charter solution you have been looking for when it comes to Atlanta organ transport.

Atlanta Air Ambulance

We also offer air ambulance services in Atlanta. If you work with us to develop a contract, we will be there whenever you need us. Sometimes, an ambulance traveling by ground is simply not enough. This may be partially because of Atlanta traffic and it may cost too much time getting to the injured by ground. There may be other reasons why ground ambulance is unable to reach the injured. Either way, if you need to be able to quickly access and transport a patient, an air ambulance is the perfect solution. We would love to be the chartered aviation solution you are looking for in these situations and provide your air ambulance in Atlanta.

Let Peachtree Aviation Get You There Safely

We will work with you to create custom solutions for your Atlanta air ambulance services. These solutions can include air tracking so you know where the aircraft is at all times and can accurately prepare the hospital staff for retrieval of the individual(s). You can even choose the specific aircrafts you want to use before getting started.

We will quickly respond to all needs and always deliver whatever needs the medical transport as quickly as possible. The work you do is very important and we want to help make you more efficient. You will have less stress and more victories with Peachtree Aviation on your side. Contact us today to get started.

Image courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons