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Having worked in the Atlanta charter flights industry for many years, the staff at Peachtree Aviation have a special knack for identifying and appreciating fine aircraft. The G650ER is the latest model from the world-famous private jet manufacturer Gulfstream, and it definitely deserves a tip of the hat. This sleek beauty trumps its predecessor, the G650, in more ways than one. Your favorite Atlanta air charter company hopes to have one of these models in our lineup soon enough!

The G650ER at a Glance

The jet can travel up to 7,500 nautical miles on a single tank of fuel, an unimaginable feat that instantly propelled it to the top of the long-range business aircraft class. Non-stop flights from Dallas, Texas, to Sydney, Australia, are now possible, making for the most cost-efficient flights known to man. Comparable destination pairings the G650ER is capable of are Hong Kong to New Jersey and Los Angeles to Melbourne, trips made possible by the aircraft’s lightweight and streamlined build.

Gulfstream’s newest jet is 4,000 pounds heavier than the G650, but with this added bulk comes the advantage of enhanced fuel reserves. With eight passengers on board, the sleek plane can soar through the sky at an impressive .85 Mach, which equals 647 miles per hour. Of course, these statistics reflect the jet’s most efficient trips.

The G650ER can just as easily transport those same passengers a distance of 6,500 nautical miles (almost nearly as much as the G650’s longest recorded flight) at .90 Mach. It goes without saying that Gulfsream has once more done it again. The maximum passenger occupancy is 18 for the company’s 2014 private jet with cruising altitude topped at 51,000 feet.

All performance aspects aside, there is much more to a charter jet in Atlanta than its engine specs. Supreme cabin comfort and a wealth of amenities are very important for passengers, many of whom are corporate businessmen and women who long for a relaxing atmosphere to take an edge off of their hectic lifestyles.

Fortunately, the G650ER does not disappoint in this department either as extra-wide seats and aisles and large panoramic windows help create a private flying experience like no other. Add in the fact that fresh cabin space oxygen is recirculated 30 times per hour, and you begin to see why commercial Atlanta air charter companies are eager to get their hands on Gulfstream’s latest plane!