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After working hard for the past four years, what better way to reward your graduate’s hard work and celebrate their graduation than securing a private charter from Atlanta to an exotic destination for the both of you? Summer private charters are convenient and help you save time so that both of you will have more time soaking in the warm rays and rejuvenating your spirit on the beach.

Book your private charter with Peachtree Aviation and bask in the magnificence these four destinations have to offer you:

Tantalizing Tahiti

Cooling temperatures and a host of activities are what you will find in tantalizing Tahiti during the month of May. With 118 islands to explore, unwinding from pop quizzes and final exams never felt so exhilarating. Known for its spas, shopping, beach resorts, festivals and lots of romantic getaways, Tahiti is your tropical destination when you are looking for decadence and reinvigorating experiences. Fa’a’ā International Airport, is conveniently situated allowing you to easily charter a private plane and experience Tahiti in hours.

Savory Seychelles

The Seychelles is another upscale destination that will have you rearranging all of your future vacation plans in order to indulge in its wealth of exotic natural resources.This group of islands in the Indian Ocean is less than 1,000 miles off the east coast of Africa which makes it the destination of choice for explorers who long to discover miles of picturesque landscapes created purely by nature. Seychelles International Airport is conveniently situated in Victoria, the capital of the Republic. From Victoria, you have easy access to the beach, dining and resorts via bus, ferries or domestic flights.

Blissful Bali

The adventure of a lifetime awaits everyone who visits Bali. Culture, magnificent landscapes, and jungles overflowing with wildlife all intrigue newcomers and returning visitors. Known as “paradise” to so many, Bali offers splendid accommodations that appeal to the affluent. A charter from Atlanta to Bali will soothe your soul after you experience the brilliant waves lapping against the shores and the impassioned culture that distinguishes Bali from so many other exotic destinations.

Fanciful Fiji

In the center of the South Pacific lies Fiji, an island perfect for you to visit to celebrate graduation or any other special occasion. Fiji boasts 333 islands and white sand beaches that warm you from the inside out. Private charters are guaranteed to provoke romance, fun and lead to the creation of many cherished memories.

Wherever you choose to celebrate the next chapter in the life of your graduate, make sure both of you travel by a private chartered flight in Atlanta. Booking your trip is easy, the trip is quick and you can do it without coordinating times and transfers between various airports. Contact us today at Peachtree Aviation to begin booking your tropical getaway.

Image courtesy of: Creative Commons