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One of the most important decisions that private aircraft owners make is where they will keep their plane.

Most owners keep their aircraft in a hangar. Deciding to house your plane in a hangar, though, is just the beginning of the decision process.

At Peachtree Aviation, we provide a multitude of Atlanta aircraft management services to meet all of our clients’ aviation needs. Among them is securing hangar space. We assist customers in selecting the hangar and the location that best meets their needs. Here are some tips for finding the right hangar for your needs.

Consider Whether You Will Build, Buy or Rent
With the price of steel rising, building a hangar may not be the most cost-efficient choice unless you simply can’t find one that fits your space and location needs. If you have a hangar built, you need to get a building permit, pay building taxes, get the landowner’s permission and make sure the structure complies with any building regulations.

Plan Ahead When Deciding How Much Space You Need
Obviously, you want enough room to comfortably house the plane. You also should have enough space to allow you to work on it. Thinking ahead is essential to this decision. If you plan to buy a larger aircraft like a private jet in Atlanta at some point, you may want to get one large enough to house that size craft. If the hangar is going to double as an office, you’ll want enough room for storage and office equipment. If you are thinking of adding another plane, you may want to invest in a double hangar and lease out the second one until you need it.

Some people consider housing their plane in a group hangar. This can be a money saver and you don’t have to worry about its maintenance. However, you increase the risk of your aircraft getting “hangar rash” from being nicked by other planes.

Ensure your Aircraft’s Security and Protection from the Elements
Make sure that the hangar has a good security system. This is particularly important if it is in a remote location.

Protecting your plane from the weather involves more than having a strong roof, although of course that’s crucial. If you’re in an area with a lot of snow, make sure the roof can handle a heavy snowfall without caving in. You should get a hangar with gutters to carry both rain and melted snow away from the plane and an overhang in front of the hangar to keep water from the edge of the hangar.

Give Special Attention to the Doors
Naturally, you want the doors to be large enough to move the plane in and out without damaging it. The type of door can also be important. Sliding doors are popular, but if you live in a cold climate, snow and ice can build up in the track and make the door difficult to open. In these climates, shutter or bi-fold doors are preferable.

Our aviation professionals at Peachtree Aviation do much more than arrange Atlanta air charter flights. They can help you find the right hangar for your needs. You can send us an e-mail or call us for more information.

Image Courtesy of: Pixabay