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Finding the ideal place to pop the question can be a challenge to even the most creative and romantic suitor. Below are a few places to consider where getting down on one knee will take on an extra romantic flair. Keep in mind that there is no one ideal moment and location to ask the woman you love to be your wife. What one woman finds romantic another will just as easily consider a questionable choice. You know her best; choose a time and place that you know she will look back on with fondness for the rest of your life together.

Up in the Air

For an intimate proposal, do it on a private Atlanta charter flight and give your future fiancee a surprise she will always remember. After all, how many women receive a marriage proposal 30,000 feet in the air?

Choose a Place with Special Meaning

Take her back in time to where you first met or kissed to turn a marriage proposal into a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Your proposal will add a layer of meaning and significance to the place and might just make it your favorite location to revisit throughout your relationship.

A Romantic Setting

Atlanta has no shortage of romantic restaurants. Propose under the stars on La Grotta’s charming outdoor dining area. Their generous servings of hearty Italian fare are perfect for your post-proposal meal when you’re both in the mood to celebrate the beginning of your life together. Violette on Clairmont Road offers authentic French cuisine if that’s more to your preference. And if you’re trying to win the hand of a true southern belle, Elizabeth on 37th in Savannah serves delicious southern dishes.

Make an Ordinary Moment Magical

A casual walk in the park can be transformed into an occasion your love will never forget when you suddenly ask her to spend the rest of her life with you. While there is much to be said for preparing well in advance for a truly romantic proposal, sometimes keeping it simple works just as well. This is especially true if you’re eying a casual, easy-going girl to be your partner in life.

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